The Self-Talk of a Winning Professional Consultant

• I can find anybody.
• There is someone out there for every position and there is a position and a company out there for every person—all I have to do is make enough calls.
• I know I am going to get a result from this phone call—I always do.
• I’ll probably get a Send Out from this phone call, but, if not, then certainly a Job Order or an Interview, or at least a Referral that will lead me to a Job Order or an Interview which will lead me to a Send Out which will generate a Placement or a Fill. But I know I’m going to get some result from this call—I always do, that’s why I like making phone calls so much.
• And it’s so exciting because I can never be totally certain before I make a call what positive result will come of it. It is such a challenge to ask all the questions I need to discover the result that, like a buried treasure, is always hidden within each call.
• That’s why I like to make phone calls.
• And even when I get nothing, I always get something—maybe valuable market data that will lead me to referrals or maybe a failure that will contribute to my experiences and therefore my professional education.
• And when send outs and placements fall apart, I make an extra effort to learn the lessons that life and the profession want me to gain from these experiences.
• That’s why I’m getting better every day—better, in fact, with each new experience.
• I really enjoy my job and my profession.
• I guess I’m really lucky to have participated and to be participating in the finest training program available in my profession.
• Maybe that’s why I can’t help but be successful as long as I continue to put in the effort and make my daily presentations.
• I never know how many calls a particular assignment will take, but I always know if I make enough calls I can accomplish my assignment.
• That’s why I’m glad I’m in a profession where I can control my destiny.
• Business really is fair, isn’t it? It’s good to be paid in proportion to the contribution I actually make.
• And I love the daily challenge of always trying to work up to my potential—to provide all the service that I know I’m capable to providing.
• That’s why I always try to interview 3 or 4 people every day and attempt seriously to make 1 Send Out per day—because I know that I’m capable of this level of service.
• I know it’s hard to only interview 1 person a day and it’s hard to only make 1 Send Out a week—but it’s easy to interview several people a day and to make several Send Outs every week.
• Almost everyone out there wants to talk to me—most of them want to talk to me right now and everyone will need my service sooner or later. There is so much to do.

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