The Talent Community Company You Forgot About is Resurfacing

You’ve heard of the long list of mostly new companies getting into the field of recruitment marketing, talent communities, talent pipelines … companies like SmashFly, getTalent, even CareerBuilder. You might know Beamery, one called Clinch, and others.

One of the original ones was Ascendify.

It was probably best known for its client Zappos, which famously tried scrapping most job postings, and then took a fresh look at that idea. But, Ascendify kinda vanished for a while.

“We’ve been silently working in the background for about three years,” says Founder and CEO Matt Hendrickson. The last few months of that, the company has spent working on its new site.

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What Ascendify put together is a combination of a recruitment marketing system with an applicant tracking system with an onboarding system. Some of the applicant tracking systems that have sprouted up for smaller and mid-size companies have gone in this direction — combining a CRM with an ATS — but there hasn’t been as much for big-company clients. 

Cisco, GE, and Panasonic are among the companies using at least some of Ascendify’s offerings. GE’s using it for its digital branch, not its manufacturing and related hires. GE Ventures, a venture-capital company, is an investor in Ascendify.


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  1. Ah, I think iCIMS has gone in this direction for big companies for years — focusing on a talent acquisition suite of CRM, ATS and onboarding for enterprise and midsized companies.

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