The Top 100 Employment Brands of the Fortune 500

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 10.29.04 AMA new list of the best employment brands among the Fortune 500 contains a lot of familiar names (if you guessed Google, you guessed right), but a few less-familiar ones too.

GE, Qualcomm, USAA, and John Deere were among the highly rated corporations.

This ranking comes from WilsonHCG, a recruitment outsourcing company. In putting together the list, the criteria included these and many other factors:

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  • Career pages: are the jobs updated? Is there multimedia content?
  • Job board presence: are positions listed on general boards as well as niche sites?
  • Candidate experience: how’s the company’s Glassdoor ranking?
  • Accolades: did they make the Fortune list for “who’s hiring” and “best companies”?
  • Social media: does the company blog about its culture?
  • Social responsibility: how does the company rank on veteran, diversity, and “green” lists?

Here’s the list, embedded below (click on “full screen” where the four arrows are in the lower right of the diagram for a better view).


1 Comment on “The Top 100 Employment Brands of the Fortune 500

  1. I love the reference to…LinkedIn’s sole competitor. I say that because it’s the “go to” site that candidates use to find info about a company..or about the recruiter/company that just emailed them.

    It’s not the end all, but can play a crucial role when the candidate is deciding to call/email the recruiter back…and can become a talking point with the recruiter during that initial conversation. If it’s low…or not high enough and the candidate brings it up…the recruiter will have to address that.

    A rep from Glassdoor told me that 3.7 or 3.8 was a “good score” for a company. I thought that was odd because on a scale of 1 to 5..I want to see at least 4 stars to be “good”… at least that is my thinking on Amazon/Yelp. A score of 3 something is….’eh.

    Just about all the companies on this list have a large consumer brand..which helps regardless of Glassdoor. But if you recruit for a company without that mass consumer brand…Glassdoor will matter a whole lot more.

    Staffing Leaders need to pay attention to their “score” on GlassDoor the same way restaurant managers pay attention to their score…daily.

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