The Video Challenge

Staats called me “obsessed” as he commented on my post last night. Wow, in such a short time, he understands me better than most!

Dave – here’s a video just for you, my friend! Since I’m spending way too much time these days obsessing over various recruiting-related things, I thought I’d go overboard on videos. So here’s my video challenge for you:

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3 Comments on “The Video Challenge

  1. Top 3 comments on Dennis’ post.
    1)I thought I was identifying with as opposed to labeling your obsession 🙂
    2)Unless Bill calls me I have no clue how to make a video.
    3)If I could make it the video would say First pick a mentor,Second, do what he does. Third, do some of what he says.

  2. Hah! I knew you were identifying with me….just had to make it sound good for the video 🙂

    And yes, you are correct – Bill’s the one who told me about your great webcam! I’m in awe of Bill Vick and his technological ways. Honestly, with a webcam, I’d be up the same creek. If it weren’t for the Flip video camera, I’d be lost!

    Finally….good enough on the advice! In fact, the best advice is simple and quickly applicable. You just inspired me to make a video on those three points….but the credit will go to you!!

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