There’ll Be a New Way to Measure Clout

Those who measure clout with Klout have a new tool on the way.

A new site called “HireInfluence” is in beta, and is still building a database of contacts, but says it’ll “identify, analyze, and verify an individual’s influence and networking value.”

The company says you’ll be able to do a “social media background check” on a candidate. You can also find out how much influence people have, and who in an industry is the most influential. It’ll aggregate the demographics of people’s friends and followers; for example, if I have 100,000 Twitter followers but they’re basically phony, it’ll know that.

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More Sites & Tools

There’s more that’s new that you may not know of. Such as:

  • Out of Denver, there’s Pairin, a system to assess and track applicants. You compare applicants to a “gold standard” that is automatically created for each position. It’s about $200 a month for unlimited employees.
  • For a “semantic” (not keyword) look at resumes, and a match with jobs, there’s now Krow.
  • Out to lend some transparency when it comes to pay in the hiring process is MisterHeadhunter.
  • Finally, out of India, Adrenalin’s website has a banner rotating that says to “watch this space for a revolution in hiring.” I don’t know what the revolution will involve, but the company says it is “yet another breakthrough for handling recruitment by companies … a tool that connects organizations to potential talent pools virtually through a talent acquisition infrastructure.” It adds that “walk-in interviews are soon to become a reality in every neighborhood that helps candidates to complete the entire process from application to offer letter with the help of this integrated infrastructure at their neighborhood itself.” Andrenalin says the launch “is expected any time soon.”


8 Comments on “There’ll Be a New Way to Measure Clout

  1. Great list of new tools, Todd. I’ve been leery of Klout and, though they keep tweaking the algorithm, I’m always looking for alternatives.

    One other tool I’d share is Maximum’s Social Recruitment Monitor. It ranks the social recruiting efforts of global brands. It “uses a combination of carefully weighted variables that are proven indicators of popularity, activity and interaction – including numbers of fans, growth of fans, numbers of posts, numbers of ‘likes’, numbers of comments, numbers of shares,” and the Monitor’s own proprietary Engagement Ratios (E.R.) and Community Interaction (C.I.).

    It’s only for Facebook right now, but the rankings for YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn are coming. And it ranks brands in several countries. Pretty cool — and free.

  2. Looking over Krow, Todd, I find it interesting that although they “accept” FB, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube to sign up they don’t offer LinkedIn as an avenue to get on board.

  3. Todd,

    Interesting that everyone is now trying to measure how “social” you are. Personal branding and career development plans will become more important if this trend continues. Is anyone going to determine when these social interactions are happening? If you go to work and are “social” during the work day are you really the candidate that companies will hire?

  4. Great article, Todd. I’d suggest checking out Innovate CV as well, as it provides something similar to Pairin in its algorithms – analyzing your job posting and matching or rating candidates in your system to it – to save time and effort on the recruiter’s part. This seems similar to Krow as well.

    It also has a full suite of ATS functions and a number of sister products out already or about to be launched. (full disclosure: I work for ICV – watch out for us in the future!)

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