There’s a New Site for Hiring Veterans

global_sealMichelle Obama announced today new online resources for hiring veterans, translating military skills, and finding resumes of veterans and their spouses.

Found here and here, the U.S. site is supposed to be a one-stop shop for career opportunities for transitioning veterans. The information is collated from various cabinet agencies and other government divisions like Defense, Labor, Veterans Affairs, the Office of Personnel Management, and more.

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  1. Todd,

    “…supposed to be…” is a accurate description.
    Resume Builder/Create Your Resume:

    The resume template is modeled after those used in the sixties-

    1. It provides a place for an ‘Objective’ paragraph, a distinction that is neither no longer used nor recommended since ‘Profile’/’Summary’ paragraphs have long replaced the ‘Objective’ paragraph.

    2. Under ‘Work Experience’, there is a section for a ‘description of responsibilities’ which again is old school since ‘work experience’ should more rightly contain bullets of achievements or possibly technical competence- inputting the ‘responsibilities’ of a [for example] artilleryman will only leave civilian employers shaking their heads, wondering how it is no one had let that Marine or Soldier know that describing the duties of a gun bunny is useless information.

    3. The template also calls for a list of references.

    Really, Todd?

    Even on Mars they know not to list References on a resume.

    This ‘one size fits all’ template will only prolong the ignorance of those military personnel transitioning into the civilian sector.

    …and leaves me with an explanation as to why I am continuing to see puzzled looks when after receiving these resumes I explain these resume models have gone the way of the Do Do Bird.

    Neither you nor Michelle are doing our military any favors with this kind of ‘advice’. The only benefit to this is feeding the black hole of a corporate company’s ATS while discharged military personnel sit anxiously by their phones, waiting for a response that is not going to be forthcoming.

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