There’s a New Way for Students to Tell Employers They’ve Got an Offer

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 11.45.10 AMA new and unusual offering called “Explore Your Options” gives students a place to spread the word about their job offers.

Yes, students will share, with approved companies, who they’ve got an offer from, when it expires, as well as their resume. Another company can then ready an offer before the competing offer expires.

The company behind this is Readyforce; its CEO is Alex Mooradian. (Mooradian’s articles are here; he was also on a panel in Silicon Valley with me and others, video here.) He told me today that some employers are excited about this … and a few aren’t.

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The detractors are thinking that this’ll just drive up salaries. But, says Mooradian, it will make companies aware of students they may have otherwise missed out on. More in his blog post about the program here.


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