There’s a New Way to Crowdsource Your Sourcing

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 10.18.55 AMSourcers and recruiters whose job includes the task of finding candidates now have a new site for doing so.

The site — as the domain extension suggests — is a question-and-answer website for exchanging ideas and asking questions. Take a look and you’ll see examples of topics: LinkedIn, video interviewing,, webscraping, the sourcing process, military hiring, Google+, and more.

This is something that’s been done in other industries, like music and computer/software programming. It is, as Sourcecon’s Jeremy Roberts says, referring to the programming q-and-a site, “like StackOverflow for sourcers and recruiters.” Or, a bit like Quora, a crowdsourcing q-and-a website where people discuss everything from the hiring process to the best Led Zeppelin song.

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My co-worker Jeremy sees the site as “a place for all of us to join together to help solve sourcing problems and build a knowledge base of sourcing-related information.” Here’s a nice little rundown of ERE’s new site.


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