You Can Take an Uber to a Career Fair or Just Take Your Career Fair to the Uber

Maybe you’ve taken an Uber to an airport. Or when you had a flat tire. Or, Halloween, to avoid the crowds parking — and you may end up in one on Black Friday. Heck, why not have a career fair in one?

Yes, this Thursday, while you’re sitting there in the back of the Prius hearing how the guy in front of you became an Uber driver, you could be interviewing. Right there in the car, while in the backseat. A mobile career fair.

Here’s what’s happening.

In Nashville, for three hours, an Uber-riding job seeker can use the promo code NASHJOBS. If they do, they can then request an interview. Eight corporations will be ready to interview them on the road, hopping in the car with the Uber driver who’s going to pick up the rider.

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In addition to the 15-minute interviews, recruiters will also take resumes. Participating companies include Aspire Health, Asurion, Avenue Bank, Dave Ramsey, HealthStream, naviHealth, SmileCareClub, and, naturally, the one who’s hiring like mad itself: Uber.

Relode will power the back end of the system.


2 Comments on “You Can Take an Uber to a Career Fair or Just Take Your Career Fair to the Uber

  1. Interesting. How does that actually work? Are the interviews for specific functions within those companies? Do all companies commit to interviewing every candidate?

    1. Hi Leela, I’m part of the Relode team putting on the event. You can visit our website /uber for more info on how it will work. To answer your other questions, each company has three specific functions they’re interviewing for and every recruiter is committed to interviewing each candidate. Our platform will enable recruiters to take notes, comment, and share candidates with decision makers, all through a mobile device.

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