There’s Something Missing in Some of the Recruiting/HR Assessments and Technology

Each year I attend the HR Technology Conference, I brace myself for abundant change that resides on the exhibit floor. I am constantly amazed at how each trend is represented by so many vendors’ interpretation of how to “do it right.” 

Last year was the year of employee engagement, with most vendors demonstrating how to reward, recognize, and retain your employees by giving them virtual accolades or merchandise.

This year was the year of “assessments,” where I found that as a recruiting vendor, if you did not bring your own assessment to the table or had an integrated partner providing the service, you were just not “doing it right.” And yet, after aisle after aisle of vendors, it seemed that assessments were reserved only for those coming through the front door — job candidates.

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With the technologies in place (and boy, were there a lot of them performing assessments), the idea of trying to perform the assessment of those already in place in your workforce to test if they were in the right job and a good fit never seemed as prominent.

The exhibit floor is a great place to see new technologies and ideas, but the majority seem to concentrating on one trend and demonstrating it to death. Relevance in the workplace, ability to integrate with existing platforms, and true usefulness within an organization is still what sells.

Nov Omana is CEO/Founder at Collective HR Solutions, Inc. With experience in the HR technology arena for over 35 years, he has assisted numerous companies in structuring their HR technology strategy and systems. Collective HR Solutions, Inc. provides HR technology and business process consulting, innovative uses of technology to solve business needs, and partnering with other small businesses with specialty skills in human resources and technology. He is also in partnership with two other business startups in 2016; MapHR, a website of vendors of HR solution and services, organized for ease of consumers to identify and connect with innovative vendors; and InnovationOne.US, a research-based assessment tool that measures the Health Index of the innovation culture of an organization.  


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  1. Nov ,

    Thank you for your report from the floor. It doesn’t surprise me that there are more assessments today than ever before because we run into them each day in the market. As an unregulated industry the range of quality (reliability and accuracy) is quite large. Joe’s Assessment Hut is alive and well. Buyers should insist on reviewing the vendor’s Technical Manual that describes their validation process before purchase.

    Your point about assessing incumbents is interesting too. If there is a statistically significant sample size in a job role and objective performance metrics to help relate assessment results to performance then that is an option. However, that may not necessarily get you a higher level of validity versus a standard pre validated profile for a role. All that said, you are right, often people don’t want to assess their incumbents.

    One final thought. The worst possible scenario is when the client says I just want to assess Fred and Mary my two best performers and based on their results decide if your assessment is accurate. That’s the classic one dog study and can lead to many bad outcomes including the assessment suggesting – you shouldn’t have hired Fred or Mary. Hi flyers are hard to scale to – there are not enough of them out there to fill your roles.

    Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of a good assessment is it will prevent costly, time consuming unforced hiring errors and it can reduce your time to hire metrics including the ratio of interviews to offers accepted.

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