These Are a Few of Joshua Kahn’s Favorite Things

Joshua Kahn (who goes by on Twitter), spoke this afternoon at the social recruiting summit, talking up some of his favorite ways to geek out. Kahn works for Accenture, mainly on the Best Buy account.

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  • ConnectTweet. Multiple employees can Tweet through one handle. Best Buy does this. “It’s really unusual to have multiple employees represent one brand,” says Kahn.
  • Actually, Kahn didn’t bring this one up; an attendee did. It’s the Hotel California of online-advertising tools. Your customers can leave your site any time they want — but you’ll follow. Here’s a similar tool, by the way.
  • Job searches on Facebook. Add some code here, add a search box there, and voila, you may have come to the Best Buy Mobile page looking to read about the Palm Pre, and you ended up searching for a job.
  • Yelp. Kahn likes it for reviews. I like it. Angie’s List isn’t bad either, though their telemarketers won’t stop calling me, asking me to write reviews.
  • SlideShare. A site for sharing your documents, such as a PowerPoint file.


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