This Career Fair Is a Sign of the (Weird) Times

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 11.02.43 AMHere’s an opening line I likely wouldn’t have written a few years ago: a job fair next month in northern California will be all about “cryptocurrencies.”

For those who get a job at the fair, I imagine even their paychecks will look a little different than yours and mine.

The May 3 event is one place to hire people for jobs like “Bitcoin Developer” and “Bitcoin Consultant,” for example, and other gigs in the embattled digital currency world.

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Among the backers of the event are a job board called “Coinality” whose motto is “will work for coins.” Its job listings include a “crypto-currency analyst” and the rather niche need for a “Dev Altcoin WooCommerce Plugin.”

A bitcoin entrepreneur is another backer of the event. Sponsors include other companies in this field like BitPay, Circle, and Blockchain, and related ones like BlockScore.


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  1. Thanks, Todd.

    This is all we need here in the Bay Area- another “two-bit” career fair….

    Keith “Perhaps in Some Alternate Universe That Was Mildly Funny” Halperin

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