This Is Your Chance to Talk Openly With Your Talent-acquisition Peers

EREConf14_footerYou’ve probably been to a conference and left wanting more — wanting to delve deeper into a topic that was just touched upon. If so, the “Think Tanks” which are part of the April ERE conference in San Diego, is for you.

We’ve experimented with this format the last two conferences, to rave reviews from participants. So this spring, all ERE Recruiting Conference attendees will participate in one of three think tanks on the first day of the conference.

How They Work

Talent-acquisition leaders spend about two hours discussing a topic of their choice, with peers talking about their challenges, and exploring solutions. You’ll be at tables of about 10 people, all with your peers. You’ll pick one of three topics:

  • Hiring, Training and Managing Recruiters
  • Candidate Experience
  • Talent Acquisition Technology


Actually there aren’t presentations. No presentations, no PowerPoints. Think Tanks are your chance to be with people who are walking in your shoes, sharing the same frustrations, fighting the same battles.


The discussions will be moderated. We expect to have around a dozen moderators to keep the action going.  

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You Sign Up

For the rest of the conference sessions, you go to whichever breakout session you want. This is different. We’re going to send you, after you register for the conference, an email asking you to indicate which think tank you’ll attend.

We also may shoot you an email with a question or two about the topic, to see what’s on your mind and what you’d like to cover.

More Info

Shoot me an email at if you have any questions!


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