This Startup Wants You to Use Video, Written Questions, and Uploaded Samples to Screen Candidates

360-candidate-logoWhen I first heard the company name 360Candidate, I figured it was some sort of background/reference checking outfit, along the lines of Checkster and Chequed.

But the intriguing Los Angeles startup (whose founder & CEO Andrew Jacobson I had lunch with yesterday) isn’t even in the background-checking business or just checking references; actually, it’s trying to reduce the glut of resumes companies get when they post a job. 

Let’s say you put a job listing up, and get 150 responses. You’d use 360Candidate to take 50 of those candidates and ask for more information. Using a little online form builder, you’d choose some questions to ask candidates, such as what they look for in a job; you’d ask candidates to upload a writing sample, art sample, or other document; you’d have them record a short video on a topic of your choice; you’d potentially ask for references; and, you’d request links to their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

At this point, you email your 50 candidates the questionnaire, and they do their thing on their end — answering the questions, uploading their documents if applicable, and making a short little video answer. You then go in on the back end, and use the tool to whittle down your applicants based on their written or filmed answers — for example, by giving some five stars and others three.

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In a sense, this is all a variation of the idea of a “visual resume” — which has been launched in one form or another in recent years, using sites like, VisualCV, ResumeUP (sprouted from Russia), and a long list of others, some mentioned here. Many of these companies are trying to charge job seekers, while 360Candidate is charging employers and weaving the screening into the job-application process.

It’s also in the genre of a company like HireVue; that’s because, as you may recall, HireVue isn’t just staying put as a video interviewing tool, but is branching out into areas like screening.


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  1. I have read about 360Candidate and I would be interested in seeing a few case studies from companies that have used there product offering successfully.

    In my view, this product would present hiring managers and recruiters with valuable information (candidate technical understanding, culture fit etc) prior to scheduling a formal interview round.

    My primary concern with this type of product offering is that hiring managers would label it as “an additional step” prior to getting through implementation pains associated with any change in the hiring process.

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