This Startup Wants You on the Phone, Not Video

Talkpush-small1-300x132Since video hasn’t made the phone obsolete quite yet, in beta and launching in a couple of weeks is a new company that helps you screen job candidates who’ve recorded job interviews. 

Talkpush says you can screen 30 candidates in an hour. When candidates send in a resume, the system shoots them an email and a text inviting them to make a recording (of answers to your pre-recorded questions) at a Talkpush phone number. You then filter and rate the responses.

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The company raised money last month from private angel investors. It has five employees in Hong Kong and one in Singapore. Its beta customers included a Chinese hotel and a call center in the Philippines, so hundreds of candidates were processed. (Customers’ feedback helped; in response, for example, Talkpush added a “share” feature to send a short audio file to a colleague).


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