This Startup’s Eyeing a ‘Super, Super Niche’

motaveraAmong many recent startups (SkillGigs, Blendoor, to name a couple) coming across my desk of late is Motavera, out of the Midwestern U.S., for college students seeking jobs after finishing school in the, yes, Midwestern U.S.

It’s “super, super niche,” CEO Nep Orshiso tells me.

Orshiso and two other founders from Truman State found that career fairs weren’t working for students in a small, Midwestern town who might make a good fit for jobs in, say, New York, Silicon Valley, or even Chicago. They were being overlooked, Orshiso says, simply due to geography.

So they started a virtual career fair site, aimed initially at Midwestern (Missouri first), four-year graduates in marketing and computer science (like I said, niche).

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Students can create profiles and upload resumes; employers, at $99 per recruiter, can post jobs and internships. The virtual career fairs involve 15-minute interviews during five-day events, not recorded interviews like some of the video interviewing companies have been doing.

It’s bootstraped, in beta, with the first fair next month.


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