Three Good Ones From Paul Hawkinson

Here is a great article by Paul Hawkinson called Revenue Options II. It was written a while ago and to get the new stuff you need to subscribe. The good news is that if you choose not to subscribe, that article I linked to should put extra dollars in your recruiting pocket. It’s also real good to think about these things from time to time.

Another great article by Paul is this one called Consistent Marketing. It was written in 2004 and all you need to do is add in the part where a blog can do a lot of what he talks about.

An the last from Paul today is on Fee Cutting

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2 Comments on “Three Good Ones From Paul Hawkinson

  1. Good one! It’s a magnet on a elastic string, held under the hand, attached to his body. The second wave of the hand is closer to the coin (the coin is attracted to magnets- it’s a prop) and connectes with it- the illusionist lets go of the magnet (held in the hand with a smaller string) and the magnet is snapped back by the elastic into his vest or sleeve… Just saw this a few days ago on TV

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