Sold to the Highest Bidder! It’s Time to Give Back

It’s that time of the year again when we ask you to help us help  those in need. The ERE Foundation is one of the most exciting ventures ERE has ever launched, as it is our opportunity to give back something to the future members of the workforce and help those who otherwise won’t have these same opportunities available to them.

Our single-largest annual fundraising effort is the silent auction that is held at ERE’s Fall Expo this coming October in Hollywood, FL. In the past two years, the ERE Foundation has raised over $60,000 to support educational opportunities for children around the world, with an emphasis on those who are most in need. And hey, the child you help today might just become a great candidate for your company tomorrow!

So we now ask for your support. The ERE Foundation is open for your very generous (tax-deductible!) donations. So whether it’s a flat-screen TV, or two plane tickets to Vegas, or perhaps something even wilder, make your commitment to helping needy children heard!

Once your donation arrives, your company’s generous donation will be featured on the ERE Foundation website and on-location signage prior to the silent auction at ERE Expo Fall 2008.

To get the ball rolling, ERE is going to donate five $100 gas cards and a $500 credit to be used toward your next Marriott vacation.

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If you need other ideas, then check out last year’s donations. Last year we donated to two great organizations, Teach for America and The American Refugee Council. Check out this short video about Teach for America. These organizations are doing great work and need our help!

So start brainstorming ideas for what you can donate today! If you already have some cool item ideas, feel free to leave a comment. If you need ideas, then check out the list of last year’s awesome donations at

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