Time To Move Up The Placement Ladder

Dear Barb:

I know you placed hospitality in the past and wondered what positions you filled. I’m currently placing restaurant managers at very low fees and I have a high fall off rate. From some of the research I’ve done, I think I could make more money placing outside of the hospitality profession. Your thoughts?

Keith N., Savannah, GA

Dear Keith:

When I placed in hospitality, I placed general managers of hotels, food and beverage directors, and chefs, which were not flat fees. In the restaurant industry, I placed positions in the corporate offices of the major chains.

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Often, the unit management positions pay lower flat fees. If you become known as the leading expert in your niche, you attract the best candidates and clients. Maybe it is time to climb the ladder and begin to place the supervisors of those whom you are currently placing. When you place at one level higher, salaries increase and so do your fees!

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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