To “Manage By Numbers Not Emotion” You Need The Numbers

Dear Barb:

I don’t keep stats on my employees because I don’t know what stats to track. I’d rather have them on the phones making calls, than counting how many calls they are making. Do you ever find keeping stats are a distraction? I don’t think that my experienced people would be willing to keep stats. What’s the point?

Steve D. Denver, CO

Dear Steve:

If there is no room for improvement and your team has 100% achieved the lifestyle they deserve to live, I agree with you. However, if you want to grow your company and your team would like to earn more money, the easiest way to get there is to manage by numbers not emotion. Keeping stats takes the mystery out of consistent production and eliminates bad months and slumps forever.

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Once you know the individual stats and ratios for each member of your team, you can tell them exactly what results they need daily to achieve their goals. Tie their goals into their dreams and they will commit to achieving the daily results for their own reasons not yours. However, when you manage by stats everyone wins! Often experienced recruiters can make a subtle change that provides them with great results. They will keep their stats if they understand how it benefits them.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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