Toolbox Goodies #1

Every recruiter needs an arsenal of tools – tools to help find new leads, automate processes, and in general make life easier. Periodically, we’ll present a selection of just such tools and here’s the first. The Toolbox columns will all contain a bunch. NAMES AND NUMBERS

Got a number, but no clue where you’re calling? Not to worry. MMI World offers a numerically sorted list of all area codes in the US. Even better, it includes the time zones the code is in. Got a name, but lost the number? Although there are loads of “look-up” tools, the Ultimate White Pages offers one-stop searching. Just enter your information in the first fields (under Yahoo!), and it’s automatically copied to the others. Hit “Search” and your results from one search engine come back in a new window. Switch back to the first window and submit your query to the next engine. It offers reverse look-ups, too. Searches six directories for free. FORGET SCANNING

If scanning those resumes into your database is getting you down, forget about it. Get them faxed electronically, so they arrive in your email. Then, with a click or a drag or a simple cut-and-paste, you can move them to your database with ease. Free service offered by and JFAX.COM KNOW WHO YOU WANT TO HIRE

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American Express offers an interactive hiring tool that helps you develop “a crystal clear idea of what you’re looking for.” By answering a series of questions, you end up with a job description that includes both the duties of the job and the characteristics of the person best suited for it. When you’re done, you get a customized worksheet to guide you in the interviewing process. LOCATING LEADS

Need a lead in a new area? The World Chambers Network lets you search the world for chambers of commerce. Locate a chamber by country, region, city, etc.

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