Top Tips for a Killer Last Quarter

On Planning/Lists: Write it down to make it happen. If you do – you’ll crush it. If you don’t – you’ll mush it!  (Mush = Flunk)

On Execution: Hold yourself accountable to your daily plan – if you are deadly serious about succeeding!

On Strategy: Don’t do the same thing all day. Make it interesting and attack the problem from a variety of angles – ad calls, lead calls, reference calls, MPS, research calls, Skype, visits.

On Tactics: Set yourself up for success by planning/executing three 90 minute call blocks, daily.  (20 mins planning, 70 minutes calling,) Challenge yourself/others to beat your “connects” record!

On Business: People buy from people they like – and, people their friends like! (Referrals) Be awesome! Look for leads, introductions and advice from everyone!

On Confidence: Make a few easy calls to people you know, or have placed or submitted and just ask them, “How ya doing?” It will put you in the right frame of mind for the harder stuff.

On Objections: Most candidates and clients will object at first. “I’m not looking”; “We don’t use agencies,” etc. Expect objections  – and become a master at handling them. Those are the people worth talking to.

On Tenacity: To paraphrase Arnold, “To be the best – you gotta do the reps.” Nuff said!

On Discipline: Do the stuff that everyone else avoids. Every day. That’s where the real action is. (50 ad calls or MPC’s anyone?)

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On Focus: Be in the moment. Treat every call, every interaction, as a potential game changer. Give it everything.

On Relationships: The better the relationship, the better the result. Find out what they want first – and then tailor your solution to fit!

On Fear: Be bold! Tempt failure every day. Embrace “No!” The most successful recruiters fail the most.

On Fun: Celebrate your wins. Celebrate your colleagues’ wins. Big or small. A great attitude is infectious and energizing!

On You: You’re the best. Believe it – and wear that badge with pride.

Marcus Edwardes is a native Brit with 20 years experience in contract and permanent recruitment on both sides of the pond.
He consults with recruitment companies on Accelerating Revenue Growth through a combination of Strategic Business Planning, Hiring and the implementation of Tactical Desk level programs and Training.
His stated mission is "to reconcile the owner's vision of the business with the right people and the right process."
You can reach Marcus at 310-558-1000 in his office in San Jose or on Twitter @marcusedwardes


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