Tuesday Morning

People do things for their reasons and not ours.This first and most important principle underscores all the others. It is based on the psychological truth that people always act in a manner THEY view to be in THEIR best interest. Consequently, to be successful in this business, we need to understand what “they view to be in their best interest.” This requires an empathetic approach, Read more


Placements In The Basement

Collecting placements in the basement requires a combination of objectivity, patience and (maybe) a willingness to give up part of the fee for legal assistance. But it’s almost always worth it. – Read More


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Maximixing Production In A Strong Market
In such a market, however, there is a great tendency to drift away from the habits and thought patterns of success. Earning a good living or even doing extremely well is not enough. In a boom market, you must maximize your production.

Here are 15 reminders or ideas designed to help you to do so. Check yourself against the following, and see how well you do. – Read More


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