Two Corporate Recruiting Trends

Alan Strauss, who’s doing a talent-acquisition project for Lockheed Martin and is well-connected in the D.C.-area corporate recruiting community, talks below about bringing in “A-players” to corporations; what the best recruiters are doing to keep their jobs; and what sorts of questions recruiters should be asking their customers.

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7 Comments on “Two Corporate Recruiting Trends

  1. Todd, Alan,

    Thanks for this. May help me with ammunition I need for heavy discussions with executive at the moment. Very opportune for me.

    Thanks again


  2. It is very interesting that this podcast is paired with Dr. Handler’s article (which is excellent by the way) on the Ricci decision. The idea of Top Grading seems almost intuitively right but I wonder if companies who are doing it extensively are seeing any adverse selection effects and does diversity have a role in the Top Grading process?

    I would certainly be interested in any follow-up on this.


    Doug Peck

  3. As a Defense Engineering 3rd party recruiter I appreciate hearing this interview.

    I see my role presently (and going forward) as finding and having access to a stable of passive invisible candidates companies can’t find on their own. Likely placing these often disaffected employees due to their lack of career growth at their present employer having not been “A” graded, who my clients would regard as “A” players.


  4. Thanks for your comments Alan, two very sensible and easy ways to predict and control your future. I tell my team weekly if we are only adding value by putting people in seats in times like these it will be easy for a company to say – We don’t need you. We should look to measure our value “beyond filling the rec”

  5. Doug,

    Good point regarding diversity….

    I am not an expert on diversity recruiting. However, I would suggest that you handle that challenge just was you would consult your internal customers, or how you manage diversity issues for other hard to find positions. Does that answer your question?


  6. I received an email direct to my Outlook that I thought was interesting and I wanted to share it with the group.

    A Senior Talent Acquisition Manager from a professional services firm asked “If my company’s Executives have a low view of HR/Recruiting, how do I get meetings with them?”

    I think this is a great question that probably deserves a more attention than a message board and, quite frankly, from the industry. However, I will try to give everyone some suggestions:

    1) The fact that this Recruitment Director understands his influencing level is the first step to fixing the problem. I speak to far too many recruitment leaders that don’t have a realistic view of their influence within their organization. Most recruitment leaders think they have more influence than the really do…
    2) Approach your organization executives and discuss your long term goals. But, don’t sugarcoat your current situation. Discuss with them that you are aware that there a long term disconnect with HR/Recruiting and their business/company.
    3) Ask for help. Tell your organizations executives your goals, and ask them how they would proceed if they were you.
    4) Bring examples, both good and bad…Discuss with them how by working together, the company can be more successful. If you don’t have any from your current organization, look back to previous experience
    6) Develop your professional and business background. Unfortunately, the recruitment industry is a narrow profession. Unlike other business areas such as IT or Finance, many of the skills you develop in recruiting or knowledge you possess is not transferable to business. In other words, read, network with other professionals outside of recruiting, or attend business conferences.
    5) Use some of the tactics in my interview. Especially, the dialogue on asking key questions to your companies executives such as “How can Talent Acquisition better align with your business goals for this year?” “What metrics would do you think we can create to best measure our alignment?”

    I would be very interesting in hearing everyone’s opinion on this topic. Please feel free to post here, or email me directly.


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