Two Words We Need to Re-introduce to Recruiting

Most of us are taught to say “thank you” as toddlers. But how many of us forget to say it regularly in our recruiting lives?

Think about how you feel when someone says “thank you” to you. Does it make you happy?  Do you feel a sense of accomplishment? Do you think “well I did my good deed for the day”?  Remember all the places such as retail stores, restaurants/fast food chains, even bars where everyone working in that field is programed to say “thank you.”

As recruiters we should be using these words, too, to express thanks to anyone who gets back to our emails, InMails, phone calls, etc. Thank you, Bob, for getting back to me, as I really appreciate it; thank you, Mary, for taking my phone call; thank you, Michael, for meeting with me. Even if it the return email, InMail, or phone call isn’t warm and receptive (i.e. “don’t ever email me again” response), just say “thank you.”

This can go a long way in the end, as these potential hires remember these two words, and it’s the way you treat them that will stick in their minds.

I once reached out to a potential candidate via LinkedIn to network for traffic engineers.  After thanking him for getting back to me, even though he wasn’t interested, he kept in touch, letting me know he was still looking for referrals and trying to help.

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“Thank you” is not just for prospective candidates. Say it to your co-workers for helping you promote your jobs, to your hiring managers for offering names of potential candidates, your HR business partner for helping with salary negations, etc.

So be sure to use “thank you” on a daily basis, and you could be “thankful” you did.

Jeremy Bonewitz has been recruiting for over nine years both on the third-party side and corporate side. For the last seven years he has been a corporate recruiter in the engineering, environmental, and construction fields. He is currently a global talent consultant at Stantec in its Laurel, Maryland, office.


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