U.S. Govt Updates Info on Pregnancy-related Discrimination

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 11.47.11 AMThere’s new info out from the EEOC in the U.S. about pregnancy discrimination, the first big explanation of federal pregnancy-related rules in 30 years.

It’s not all recruiting related; much of what the government is spelling out deals with employees already on the job.

But, there are some sections on applicants.

The enforcement guidelines remind employers that if they have a weightlifting requirement that doesn’t work for a pregnant woman, it needs to be necessary for business.

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Those guidelines also have a “best-practice” section, which includes seven bullet-point suggestions on “Hiring, Promotion, and Other Employment Decisions.”

The EEOC also has a q-and-a document with information on what you can and can’t ask during the hiring process.


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