U.S. News and Raytheon Launch ‘STEM Index’

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 8.21.56 AMA new “STEM Index” measures math and science test scores, degrees granted, interest in science careers, and other factors related to U.S. science, technology, and related careers.

Raytheon says that “the first index shows that after a long period of flat to down indicators, there has been some upward movement, particularly in the actual number of STEM degrees granted at the undergraduate and graduate levels. But …  the education pipeline to fill the current and future jobs that will require STEM skills still isn’t producing enough talent.”

The index is shown here. And you can see what it’s comprised of here.

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The index launch coincides with this month’s STEM leadership conference.


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  1. Thanks, Todd. This is interesting and valuable. An additional graph I would like to see is median constant-dollar salaries of STEM graduates.
    ISTM that if there were a real shortage of people in this area, we’d see a spike in salaries, at least in some STEM sub-areas.


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