Uncovering The Keys To Effective Talent Sourcing Strategies

The business of recruiting is constantly fluid. As your organization’s human capital requirements expand and contract with the business cycle, so too does the labor market as recruiting, compensation, and retention variables shift to balance talent supply with talent demand.?

Tracking the effectiveness of recruiting programs has become an organizational mandate because of the implications for the overall cost of recruiting, employer brand, and your ability to gain “buy in” from candidates with the skills and experience you need.

That’s why ERE Media and Classified Intelligence, an adviser to the classified advertising industry, have partnered to launch this major U.S. study of recruitment advertising effectiveness.

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Analyzing the continually shifting outcomes of talent sourcing strategies is of shared interest to recruiters who want to plan their next sourcing campaign; budgeters who must decide how to allocate recruiting resources; and others eager to improve their recruitment advertising channels.

The survey covers the effectiveness of a range of recruitment advertising strategies, from online job sites and print media to career fairs, employee referrals, and social networking sites.


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