Fordyce TV: Expert Strategies to Survive This Recession

Update: Here is the replay for anyone who missed Barry’s live presentation on April 14.

Ways to Become a PR Expert


Recessions are a state of mind, according to some who think money flows to positive actions.

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“During this recession, commerce will take place, money will change hands, and you can grow your business,” says Barry Hinckley, co-founder and president of Bullhorn, the Boston-based software company.

Anything is possible, he advises, with the right strategy (think better PR, updated marketing, sharper tools). “Take market share and grow your business,” says Hinckley. “Think big, act successful, try something new, and watch it happen.”

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2 Comments on “Fordyce TV: Expert Strategies to Survive This Recession

  1. Barry should change the name of his company from Bullhorn to Bull****. I mean , come on, “get President Obama to come to your town to talk about jobs?” Right after I get off of the phone with Barack, I will give my pal Bill Gates a call and just ask him to give me some money.

    We all need to be creative in this economy, but some of his ideas are ridiculous.

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