Upcoming Webinars You Can’t Afford To Miss

When your best “tips and tricks” are just no longer cutting it in the playing field that is candidate sourcing, then perhaps the April 2 webinar, hosted by sourcing veteran Andre J. Boulais, manager of strategic sourcing at ExactTarget, will give you that cutting edge that may have been lost. He will be covering how ExactTarget managed to not only succeed but also thrive for two record-breaking years in a row for hiring. The “take home” knowledge from this webinar is surely going to be groundbreaking for those who need a serious update to their sourcing techniques.

But the world of recruiting is most definitely an ever-changing and evolving one, and that is why you can’t afford to miss the April 3 webinar, where Jacque Vilet will be delving deeper in the world that is strategic recruiting.

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Strategic recruiting, right now, is a top three concern for 78 percent of over 1,200 CEOs from across the globe; in other words, it’s a BIG deal. Please join HR and sourcing expert Jacque Vilet as she explains what it takes if you’re a recruiter wanting to take it to the next level. Prepare to arm yourself with the information and tactics needed to not only gain a much better understanding of what strategic sourcing really means in today’s day and age as well as whether or not strategic recruiting is a good fit for your company and how to gauge that requirement and much much more!


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