User Groups

When you?re looking for candidates on the Internet, you want to think about the places that they are likely to visit and gather. For candidates who have experience with a particular application, one good place to investigate is a user group. User groups are set up and run by people who use a specific hardware or software product. Its members share experiences and ideas with one another and with the manufacturer to improve understanding and design. They attract a wide range of users, from beginners seeking knowledge to experts who serve as product evangelists. There are user groups for lots of software applications, as well as for a variety of operating systems, such as Linux, OS/2, Mac and Windows NT. A recent search for PowerBuilder user groups yielded links to many such user groups across the country from San Francisco ( to Orlando ( and from Columbus ( to Seattle ( When user groups set up homepages, they take advantage of the community aspects of the Internet. In addition to providing contact information and lists of officers, their Web sites frequently include links to related resources that can help you find candidates. Exploring user groups is a simple way to get information and make contact with the people who possess the skill-set you need. The bottom line: when you find user groups, you find candidates.

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