Vegas Recruiters

At the end of this month, a good friend of mine named John Sumser will be taking his Recruiting Roadshow to Vegas. It’s the fourth show he has done so far and he plans a total of 10 for 2008. The show has been put on in Minneapolis, Dallas and Atlanta.

John focuses on a local recruiting community as the attendees and local recruiting leaders as the speakers. So far, each and every one of his shows has been a success with over 100 people at each show.

I was at the one in Atlanta and I met a number of great people. I would say that if you are only interested in third party recruiting, you may not find this of interest but if you are looking for some new perspectives and interesting discussions, you should sign up. It’s free. Attendance is limited so please confirm sooner rather than later.

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I’ll be there so if you confirm, please let me know and we can meet and say hello. I like Las Vegas.


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