Virtual Reality Becomes a Recruiting Reality for British Army

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 12.24.23 PMIt was just last August that Doug Friedman said on these pages that Oculus Rift could be used in recruiting.

That didn’t take long.

The British Army is launching a recruiting campaign today at Waterloo Station, featuring virtual-reality headsets so people can see what it’s like to be on training exercises and operations.

The Army’s also running TV ads around the country, posting on Twitter, and using video. It’s value proposition — selling points — for the Army, and in particular the Reserves, are the opportunity to travel, get free training, and experience excitement and challenge.

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  1. Interesting stuff. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Todd. After writing that article, I’ve had the chance to demo several more communications tools built around VR platforms (in fact, writing the ERE article directly led to these opportunities). While recruiting is just one of many applications for these tools, I am more convinced than ever that this technology will make a significant impact on talent acquisition once commercially viable mass market hardware becomes available (and the consensus is still that Oculus will release sometime this year, possibly in just a few months). I’ve also had the chance to work with people designing ambitious VR software with really inspiring goals in social welfare and public health. Exciting times indeed.

    Doug Friedman
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