Virtual to Real-Time Nurse Networking

One company is offering new ways for nurses — among other professionals — the chance to network.

CareerTours is an Internet-based recruiting resource that allows career seekers to experience companies through profiles, video, and audio clips. These tours let career seekers learn about a company’s culture, career opportunities, and a way to experience a “day in the life” of a job all from their computer.

Nurses can then make a career decision based on an experience, rather than from a static job advertisement, according to Aaron Bare, CEO and founder of CareerTours.

In addition, his company also offers “Real Tours,” which are typically onsite, multi-day events that let companies engage out-of-state candidates with information on the company and city.

Bare explains that one of his clients in Phoenix had a hard time recruiting local nurses, so he helped them create a “Real Tour” for out-of-state RNs interested in relocating to Phoenix.

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“Everyone wants to go on these Real Tours. The magic was getting the attention of nurses. It comes down to our core philosophy on friction-less recruiting. There’s so much friction in the recruiting process. A resume, an interview, having to call; these are all friction points,” he says.

“Nurses know they are in demand but don’t have a good way to market themselves. We took out those friction points and said, ‘sign up!’ We asked a few questions, but we didn’t ask for a resume. We called back to build a profile,” he says.

His company’s niche is focused on word-of-mouth recruiting and helping people tap into their own connections, he explains. In addition to the traditionally hard-to-fill nursing spots, his company works with numerous industries. These include accounting, engineering, and transportation, among others.

“Monster and ad networks are a step in the right direction. They’ve done TV in the past and broadcasting network; I think we’re right in the middle of it. We have a unique advantage in the name of tours,” says Bare.

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