Viva Las Vegas

I’m in Las Vegas right now and I love this town. I’m doing quite well at the tables and my friend Dave Mendoza and I had an amazing dinner at Prime in the Bellagio. It worked out nice because on the way to the restaurant I felt a real pull from one of the black jack tables. I go with my gut so there I went. I sat down and before I knew what happened, Dinner at Prime was taken care of completely by the Bellagio.

I’m in Vegas now because my good friend John Sumser put on something called the Recruiting Roadshow. It’s a series of conferences being put on almost every month in a different city throughout the United States. My recruiting network is a sponsor and it a very good way for me to meet recruiters.

Today Doug Geinzer who runs a company called Recruiting Nevada, Rich Becker who runs a company called Copywrite Ink and Don Ramer who is the CEO of Arbita along with John Sumser gave real interesting presentations. It’s quite staggering what is going to take place in about 12 months with respect to recruiting here in Las Vegas. Doug had a very eye opening slide show and I will put it up here as soon as he sends it to me. Should be soon.

The room was filled with close to 150 recruiters and it’s amazing how when that happens, the energy becomes contagious. It made me want to sell my house and come live in the land of bells and dreams. I guess though, you can’t just play, you need to work so, I changed my mind after I suggested to my wife we move here and she said “sure sweety, whatever you say”

Tonight I am having a networking party at the MGM and it looks like it will be amazing. There are 60 people who have confirmed and I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be more. It’s too late to worry about it now. If you are a Fordyce reader and you happen to see this and want to come hang out, send me an email.

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Here is a video I did with Craig Campbell who is a director of Recruiting at the MGM. I need to go to bed. Good Night or good morning.

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