Walmart Cuts Down on Clicks With New Career Site

What if you set out to change the business world and found a company with endless opportunities to do it?

That’s the first question Walmart asks job-seekers when they head to its new careers site and military microsite, and perhaps an appropriate one for a chain with about $444 billion in sales and 2.1 million employees.

Corporate Recruiting VP Mike Grennier says the company had multiple goals with the new site, which involved a partnership between recruiting and marketing, and countless meetings and much input from multiple divisions from e-commerce to Sam’s Club. It also used the agency TMP.

Walmart wanted a site that was authentic, with real employee photos, “speaking to candidates like they spoke to customers,” Grennier says. It wanted something clean and simple, with as few clicks as possible. It wanted to improve the candidate experience, reduce the time it takes to navigate the site, and make sure people are captured, not lost before they leave. The company wanted to showcase its technology expertise, something Grennier says the scrolling style used on the main page helps do. In addition, Walmart wanted to be easily able to update the content on the back end.

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Grennier says the site is a “work in progress”; for example, the company has made it mobile-friendly, but would like to make it even friendlier.

Back to that question I mentioned above, about “What if you set out to change the business world?” The question theme is used elsewhere in the site: From that careers main page, you can click on different job categories, and will be asked a new question depending on the type of job. Technology candidates, for example, are asked, “What if you had the technology of the world’s largest retailer in your hands?” while human resources candidates are asked, “What if you could help build the next generation of leaders?”

Links to Walmart social media sites are done slightly differently than with some company career sites, in that it’s mostly handled within the Walmart career site. As an example, you can see who among your LinkedIn contacts is a Walmart employee without leaving the Walmart career site.


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  1. Thanks, Todd. I’d think they might have a more realistic approach if they said: C”ome over to the Dark Side of the Force, young Jedis…”

    Wal-Mart employs more people than any other company in the United States outside of the Federal government, yet the majority of its employees with children live below the poverty line. “Buy American” banners are prominently placed throughout its stores; however, the majority of its goods are made outside the U.S. and often in sweatshops. Critics believe that Wal-Mart opens stores to saturate the marketplace and clear out the competition, then closes the stores and leaves them sitting empty. Freedom of speech issues also come into play. Musicians are at the mercy of Wal-Mart’s stringent content rules, forcing many to create “sanitized” versions of their albums specifically for the discount chain.


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