Watch Marlatt on Wednesday

Michael Marlatt (rhymes with day, say, and Wednesday) will be one of the highlights of a day’s agenda that’s packed to the hilt. Penelope Trunk is appearing at 4 p.m.; an all-star panel on hiring military veterans is at 2:15; a host of startup companies will be on the hotseat also at 2:15, and tons more. There’ll be podcasters and bloggers and Twitterers.

And ERE’s Expo is being broadcast this year on Today we’ll plan on streaming on the following (among other videos):

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  • Jason Warner, from Google
  • Jan Hopkins, former CNN anchor
  • Kevin Wheeler (tour of the recruiting world)
  • Gerry and Mark’s panel on cutting-edge technology
  • Michael Marlatt on the future of recruiting
  • Mike Beckman from Freddie Mac

and others.


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