Watson Wyatt Study: Benefits Count

While 22% of top-performing employees cite healthcare benefits as one of the top-three reasons they leave a company, zero percent of employers surveyed think healthcare coverage is a key reason these employees leave, according to a new study.

Watson Wyatt’s new study shows 69% of workers are concerned their employer will increase out-of-pocket healthcare costs through higher deductibles and co-payments over the next three years.

Additionally, 53% worry that their employer will reduce the scope of their healthcare benefits by limiting providers or items covered in the next two years. More than 12,000 workers across all job levels and in all major industries participated in the study.

The survey shows two out of three employees say healthcare benefits are an important reason to stay with their company.

The Retirement Reality ?

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Watson Wyatt said of all employers surveyed, only 2% believe that top performers would consider leaving over retirement benefits .

Meanwhile, 17% of top employees cited retirement benefits as a main reason for leaving.

Further, 43% of employees are concerned their company will reduce pension, retirement, or retiree medical benefits in the next three years, while 30% of employees covered by a defined-benefit pension plan are concerned their company will freeze or terminate their plan over the same time.

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