We’re Moving Away From Our Own Discussion Groups and Blogs, and Here’s Why

ERE.net began as a place for discussion about recruiting, and our roots as a place for conversation run deep. Over the years we’ve grown and evolved, and those conversations have evolved as well. They have migrated away from our blogs and discussion groups, and found a new home in the comments on the articles on the main site (like this one with 220 comments), the new ideas that we share in articles, and in the free-wheeling conversations that continue in our LinkedIn group.

Our history makes this a tough decision, but we have decided to shut down the blogs and discussion groups on ERE.net, effective April 30. This will allow our team to streamline the site, and concentrate on what you have told us is most important to you here at ERE: delivering great original content and putting on world-class events for recruiters.

Continuing the Discussion

There are several options to keep the conversation going with all of the great people here at the ERE community. Many of you have already taken advantage of them.

For one, I encourage people who have useful information to share with our community to talk to Todd Raphael, the Editor here at ERE. The best posts from our community are every bit as good as our articles, and will always have a home on ERE.net.

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We also plan on revamping the ERE.net website. Adding a more robust commenting system and updating the design is a top priority for our team here. We’ve rolled out redesigned sites for all of our publications except ERE.net, partially because the existence of the discussions and individual blogs made things much more complicated.

For those who are interested in discussions, you should really check out the ERE LinkedIn group. We continue to get an influx of new people (100-200 a week) who are interested in discussing recruiting topics with 23,000+ of their peers. We already spend time on making sure the group stays organized for the most relevant discussions and we hope you’ll consider joining (as many of you already have).

For Questions

If you have blog posts on the ERE.net that you need exported, send me a quick note. We know that most people used the blogs to cross-post but for those who used it as their main platform, we’ll try to accomodate you as best as possible. And if you have any other questions, you can feel free to get in touch as well.


16 Comments on “We’re Moving Away From Our Own Discussion Groups and Blogs, and Here’s Why

  1. Goodbye, ERE Comments & Blogs – we hardly knew ye.
    Oh well… I’m off to ERE LI Group to further comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable. I thank Todd, John, Lance, the authors, and you Gentle Readers for giving me a chance to do so.



  2. Hi Keith,

    Thanks for the comment. We are actually not discontinuing comments at all here on ERE. Just the community blogs and discussion groups.


  3. Just to understand then, the individual blogs contained on ERE.net found on the Blogs tab will go away and any discussion groups on ERE.net. Leaving just articles that ERE creates and posts on the site. Please clarify and also then if we want any of our own individual blog posts downloaded from the site we should be in touch. When will they go away otherwise?

  4. Hi Terry,

    You are correct about both the community blogs and discussion groups. And yes, if you are interested in exporting your blog, get in touch with me so we can work out the particulars.


  5. I spoke with David earlier who was kind enough to let me know of the plans. Kind of bittersweet for me – I had the first group and the first blog here. For certain, way back then we were far less likely to be slammed with people and companies marketing their products and/or services…

    Guess I’ll have to finally start writing a few articles. Here I come Todd!

    Ping me about downloading my content.

    In all, a great big thanks to David and the crew for giving e a bully pulpit for all these years.

  6. @Lance:
    DOH! Now I understand…
    Nobody read those things anyway- what took you so long to get rid of ’em?

    Thanks Again,


  7. I’m a newcomer sad to see this go I just got started!

    Curious if there would be any interest in moving the community to another platform… I can help facilitate that. If there’s interest in moving to a platform like BuddyPress I’d be happy to set it up and host it.


    However if the LI group works that’s great too! ( i just joined that too )

  8. @Andy – I’m with you! Fairly new to the ERE community, and sad to see blogs go. Really enjoyed the conversations that had been taking place in the comments of Ascendify’s blog.

    I’ll definitely be frequenting the LI group more often.

    @Lance & @Todd – Looking forward to seeing the site refresh- change is good πŸ™‚ I’ll be in touch about contributing content.

  9. @Andy – At least at this time, we aren’t going to be transitioning to a new community. Our preference would be to continue to improve the way conversations take place here on the articles, encourage submissions to the articles and have people continue to use the ERE.net LinkedIn group for discussions.

    @Kristen – Let me know if you need any assistance and where you move.

  10. Hi Lance,

    Ere.net has led the recruiting community for a long time. As recruiters (and hopefully change agents), change can even be as hard for us as it is for our candidates and clients.

    The changes that you are making (while I am sure holding your collective breaths) will continue to make positive impacts for our community.

    Congratulations and Good Luck! Bill

  11. It will be interesting… ERE has been a great, collective tool for me through the years. And for those of you who still want to Comment and Blog, both LinkedIn and the various Yahoo!Groups still serve the purpose!

  12. Bummed – but I understand. Sad to see the Blog entries go away. The experts always have something to say – I like the practical blogger’s perspective. I’ll try the LI discussion group.

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