What 1 Fast-growing Company’s Recruiting Budget Looks Like

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 1.47.09 PMNow’s your chance to see what a budget looks like for a small company, but one with many challenges of any size company: limited resources in the recruiting department; hard-to-fill jobs; a lot of open jobs; and societal changes like the growing use of mobile phones.

As it happens, the company happens to be one you know.

None other than Glassdoor has posted its 2014 recruiting budget, including the numbers of hires, costs, the breakdown by recruiting program (e.g. events vs. branding), time to fill, and source of hire. The latter metric, naturally, includes heavy use of Glassdoor itself.

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Writes Glassdoor’s Steve Roop, “By sharing this info, you may be able to poke holes in our budget allocation, tool selection, and planning process — that’s ok with us — if there is a better way, we want to know.”

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