What an Improving Job Market Means to Recruiters

A talented group of corporate recruiting leaders and others talk about what the expanding economy and improving job market mean to recruiters; how recruiting departments are changing; how contract work and RPOs are being used, and why many employees now bitterly resent their employers.

Among those on the podcast:

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  • Amit Pal Singh, the operations director at Labor Finders, a large staffing firm with about 200,000 customers
  • Erin Peterson, the former VP of global talent acquisition at Hewitt, now leader of the RPO business at Aon Hewitt
  • Indrajit Sen (from India), a recruiting/HR leader at Aricent and past ERE Recruiting Excellence Award recipient
  • Carrie Corbin, a talent-attraction strategist at AT&T
  • Jenifer Lambert, a big-biller recruiter and founder of Talentum


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