What Happens in Vegas…


You don’t have to look hard these days to find discouraging news about the economy and the job market — you just need to wake up in the morning.

Business continues though, and there is still opportunity and a lot of money to be made by recruiters in this down economy.

Some, like our friend Dave Staats, think that the recession is irrelevant. And look at Execunet’s Recruiter Confidence index which showed a 14% increase last month from an all-time low in November.

So in a few months, in a brand-new, yet-to-be-opened resort and casino in Las Vegas called the M Resort (they obviously aren’t slowing down), hundreds of recruiters will get together to tackle the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities at Fordyce Forum 2009. And with the price now until next Friday just $695, there is no better time to reserve your spot.

One look at the agenda and you will see that with the exception of the Pinnacle Society’s annual meeting (which of course is not open to the public), there are not many other places you can go and hear from a group of big billers who are willing to share their secrets.

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I think the agenda and the speaker faculty speak for itself, so rather than go on a long-winded sales pitch here, just check out the site – www.fordyceforum.com. And then if you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

Hope to see you in Vegas in June!

Scott is The Fordyce Letter's Marketing Director. Handling all communications to the recruiting community about our products and services, you have most likely heard from Scott at one point or another. Drop him a line or meet up with him at one of our upcoming events.


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  1. Dave – that will have to be the post-show post!

    Bill, yes you are correct, Fordyce Forum is targeted to the third party side of the business. Our sister company, ERE runs a corporate focused event ERE Expo if that is something you are interested in – http://www.ereexpo.com.

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