What You Really Buy When You Pay A Fee

Often the paying of a fee to a recruiter is perceived as “paying for” the person that is hired. This is a misconception. The service is what is being bought. Since the assessment of the service charge is based on the starting salary, the fee is therefore associated with the individual. But it is a total service that allows us to produce the individual who is hired. We assess the fee on the successful candidate’s earnings, but the service of producing that candidate is what is being purchased.

KNOWLEDGE OF THE MARKET. An experienced recruiter and an established firm knows the market of qualified candidates and positions available in their disciplines. Since our recruiters see 3 to 6 candidates a day, they simply have a better assessment of the quality and experience of candidates on the market. We have an immediate, ongoing relationship with available candidates.

Not only are the candidates pre-screened, but we know how they compare with each other. We know what types are available at what salary ranges at all times. Since most firms don’t hire that often, they rarely recognize changes in the types of candidates available for certain salary ranges. We are able to provide a number of qualified candidates from which to choose. Our job is to show clients what is available on the market, based on all the qualifications they might tell us. If a search is at the $55,000 range, for instance, we will provide enough candidates so the client can see what the $48,000 salary would bear.

Knowledge of the market also allows us to assess how the position available at your com?pany compares with others available. It is part of our service to assess the position available in comparison to not only the market of qualified candidates, but also a comparison with other clients’ positions who are competing for the same type of candidate. If the position, experience required, salary range, etc. are inconsistent with what the market will bear, we have an obligation to not only inform our clients of that, but help them come to a conclusion as to what qualifications, etc. would be appropriate.

The selection process without the use of a professional recruiter, averages nine weeks. Last year, our average search was three weeks. We save time.

Because of our reputation and success, we are constantly interviewing and screening qualified candidates. We can produce them faster than client companies can for themselves.

Because we help “manage” the selection process, we advise when the process is breaking down. If we see problems in the interviewing process on the part of our clients, we help them get back on track.

FACILITATING COMMUNICATIONS. The major reason why only 50% of the offers made by companies without the use of a professional recruiter are accepted is because communications between company and candidate break down.

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We not only “interpret” the needs of our clients, candidates and employers, but more importantly, we communicate the needs and desires of both parties from an objective, non-threatening position. The reason why 94% of the offers our candidates receive through us are taken is simply because we have acted as a third party “buffer” in communications.

Most often, when a professional recruiter is not used, and the initial offer is turned down, the client company has to start all over. Since we are constantly recruiting and interviewing qualified candidates, we can start the search process immediately.

The reason why our searches only last an average of 3 weeks, while the average (without us) is 6 to 8 weeks, is because when “things happen” we can respond quickly. We know how to manage these small crises.

When a company pays our fee, they simply buy our experience. We know the market, manage the selection process, and know what to do when things go wrong.

Since 1973, Tony Beshara has placed more than 7,000 people on a one-on-one basis, in more than 100 different job categories. His candidates have accepted positions earning minimum wage and salaries up to more than a million dollars a year. Tony has directly worked with more than 24,000 hiring authorities, at 21,000 different hiring organizations. The system he has developed has helped more than 100,000 people find jobs. Tony's first book, The Job Search Solution, was one of the top ten best sellers in 2005 in its category and its success led to the creation of TheJobSearchSolution.com, a web-based training program believed to be the first of its kind for people going through the job search process. His second book, Acing the Interview, was released in January 2008 and has received very positive reviews from critics. He is president of Babich and Associates.


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