What You’ll Be Talking About on Day 1 in San Diego

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The ERE Recruiting Conference is just a month away, and we’ve got the list all set for the roundtables that kick off the conference on Tuesday, April 22.

Here’s what you’ll talk about with your peers — recruiting leaders — in San Diego. Each attendee will go to two tables (because we’ll switch halfway through).

This is your first opportunity to network with the biggest, most experienced group of recruiting leaders in one place.

Hiring/managing/training/paying recruiters

Obamacare and other government-related issues

Workforce planning

Employment branding

Tools & Technology

Social media

Analytics, metrics, & data


Global & international topics

Employee referrals


Working with mgrs and business leaders

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Mobile recruiting

Internal mobility



Small budgets and smaller companies

Veterans and military issues


Tech/IT recruiting

College recruiting

If you have any questions about the ERE Recruiting Conference, let me know (212-671-1181 x. 806)


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