What’s Being Done to Keep Good People

Buck Consultants asked 91 companies what they’re doing to retain top performers. In a nutshell:

New career development opportunities 41%
Market pay adjustments 30%
Larger base pay increases 24%
Larger bonus opportunities 21%
More non-cash recognition 18%
Additional company stock 13%
Accelerated or off-cycle base pay increases 5%
Accelerated promotions 4%
Greater retention bonuses 2%
Other 7%
None of the above 31%

Industry varied, as did company size. About 14% of respondents had less than 500 employees; 6% had 500-1,000 employees; 36% had 1,001 to 5,000; 14% 5,001 to 10,000; 31% more than 10,000.

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1 Comment on “What’s Being Done to Keep Good People

  1. The 2 things that jump out at me:

    1–It seems 0% mention offering additional training or applicable educational opportunities; unless that is the 7% in the “Other” category. If Employers offer tuition reimbursement, they can tie in repayment penalties if an Employee leaves too soon after the benefit is granted.

    2–I am amused at the 31% that fall into “None of the above”. Good luck to them!

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