What’s Being Given as Severance

Here’s what companies are offering in severance pay, according to a study by Right Management.

U.S. Worldwide
Voluntarily Separated:
Top Executives 2.76 mean weeks per year of service 3.39 mean weeks per year of service
Senior Executives 2.23 3.29
Department Heads/Managers 1.55 3
Professional/Technical 1.39 2.79
All Other Employees 1.23 2.65
Involuntarily Separated:
Top Executives 3.04 3.52
Senior Executives 2.49 3.33
Department Heads/Managers 1.78 2.93
Professional/Technical 1.6 2.75
All Other Employees 1.44


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Right Management had International Communications Research conduct the study in 28 countries. Of the 1,524 survey responses received, 45% were from the Americas (including 456 from the United States), 34% were from Europe, and 21% were from Asia Pacific.


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