What’s It Like To Make $250k Placement?

Part of the goal of the Fordyce Letter is to bring together some online dialogue amongst third party recruiters. Right now, there are enough readers every day here on the Fordyce Letter to have some good conversation but like most blogs, it rarely ever happens in any sort of meaningful way.

I have a couple of questions to ask and they will not be the kinds of questions that the current readership knows nothing about. I think the answers to these questions would be a fantastic read and helpful to the readers here.

  1. What’s it like to make a placement and the fee is 250k? How do you celebrate?
  1. What is the best piece of advice you can tell someone just getting into the recruiting business

In the last few weeks, a number of people have contacted me about contributing articles and thoughts to this site. I will absolutely publish any original material that relates to the recruiting industry unless it’s terrible. Even then, it’s sometimes interesting to publish that stuff too.

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If you want to contribute original blog posts about the recruiting industry, send it my way.


3 Comments on “What’s It Like To Make $250k Placement?

  1. I have never earned a placement fee of $250,000 but I have earned a six figure placement fee a couple times in my career (more back in the days when %30 was the standard). I am afraid to say that my celebration standards weren’t all that high. I did purchase several cases of some ridiculously expensive wine (which is all gone now), took some friends out to dinner and a night “on the town” courtesy of me (I now celebrate with my wife with a vacation or something special) and paid off some serious debt. Since all of these big fee’s occurred while I working as an independent or owner I took home the majority of that fee, unlike if I had been at a firm and would have been forced to fork over the vast majority of it.

    Best advice – persevere, spend most of your time building trusting and long lasting relationships with TALENT (not candidates) and clients and be recruiting activity focused rather than administrivia and name generation focused.

    Enough from me! What’s in your arsenal?
    Michael Homula

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