What’s New: HuntShire; Shiftgig; CareerCloud’s Social Resumes; iCIMS; WordPress

Here’s a quick look at some of the newer recruiting-technology companies you may not have heard of, from gamification to screening to a significant new “social resume” tool launching right now.

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  • I imagine gamification-fan Matt Jeffery would like the startup out of New Delhi called Huntshire. The job seeker takes part in a “hunt” (sort of like an online job fair), where they’re tested on skills that would be used on the job, through a set of puzzles. When it’s over, candidate scores and bio information are sent to the recruiter. A hunt can be put on by one company, or multiple. It’s not just an assessment tool but a branding tool, where the candidate is given messages about the company during the hunt. Huntshire is funded by TLabs, and is a team of three — all co-founders.
  • Shiftgig is a Chicago startup involved in the proverbial “matching” employer-to-candidate business. OK Cupid’s founder is on Shiftgig’s board. What’s a little different is that this site is mainly focused on the service sector — hospitality, retail. A spokesman tells me 5,000 businesses are using it, and 140,000 candidates made profiles. FAQs are here.
  • You may remember CareerCloud from back in June. As I write this, CEO Chris Russell tells me he’s launching a “social resume” tool that collates job seekers’ public LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and other info, turning that into a PDF that can be sent around to potential employers. A quick summary’s in this video:
  • iCIMS is tackling the recruiting industry’s version of “CRM” — “candidate relationship management.”
  • There’s a new job-site theme with WordPress.
  • More recruiting technology tools are in the works. I’m in touch with a company launching out of Sunnyvale, California, that’ll be a combination ATS-employee referral-screening-matching site. More to come on that when its public beta launches in January.


4 Comments on “What’s New: HuntShire; Shiftgig; CareerCloud’s Social Resumes; iCIMS; WordPress

  1. Thanks, Todd. I went to look at the iConnect site for iCIMS and found these numbers:

    Number of Customers:
    Daily Support:
    Candidates Created In November 2012:
    Monthly Webinars:
    All Candidates:
    Candidates Hired in November 2012:
    Total Hits:
    Jobs Posted in November 2012:
    Candidates Applied in November 2012:

    It looks like ~1/35 applicants were hired. (They may have applied before November, but you have to start somewhere…)
    ~1/27 of the new November 2012 candidates were hired.
    ~1/1,167 total candidates in the combined databases were hired.
    ~1/33 of the total candidates in the combined databases applied.

    Are these good, bad, or ugly stats. i.e., what do they mean?



  2. Hi Keith,

    Thanks so much for your interest & for looking into the information more deeply.

    These numbers are tough to analyze based on how they’re presented; in essence you’d need a look at ALL candidates across ALL databases since iCIMS’ inception about 13 years ago. Not so easy to gather.

    Some positions are very difficult to fill and therefore, more applicants are gone through before arriving at a hire; others require far less of a pool to make a hire. The way this information is shown doesn’t slice out hires by job function, level within an organization, industry, etc. However, in Q2-3 of 2013 iCIMS hopes to deliver some benchmarking reports (de-identified of client data) that can help everyone get a better sense of what’s good, bad or ugly.

    Hope this helps! Happy New Year.


  3. Namegeneration.net is another site that should be noted as an up and coming 2013 recruiting tool. Data is compiled from social and professional sites to create a 360 degree view of a person. Best of all they offer a 7 day free trial.

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