What’s New: LinkedIn; Bizible; Social Recruitment Monitor

Wowzer — So much new, so little time. You have updates to existing products, like LinkUp’s, and startups sprouting up left and right faster than you can say Vieple.

From video interviewing to “job matching” to social media-oriented job boards, recruiting technology continues to proliferate, including two or three companies you may not have you’ve heard of yet (below). Meanwhile, as I mentioned was coming, LinkedIn is out with those “big, not-yet-specified changes” to profiles. Here’s some of what’s new:

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  • Bizible is not a recruiting product exactly, but a marketing product that could be used for sourcing. It was accepted into Techstars Seattle this summer. You use it to figure out the “exact ROI generated per online marketing source.”
  • A marketing/advertising agency called Maximum has launched the Social Recruitment Monitor to measure your social media recruiting activities. As you can see, the focus right now is on Facebook, and later other channels. You can benchmark yourself against other companies, with data changing weekly.
  • LinkedIn is changing its profiles. (If you are connected to me, you can see my profile looks different if you view the full profile — or check out your own). Photos are bigger. People’s connections are more prominently displayed. The “strength” of your profile will be more obvious — to encourage you to update it. Also, check out someone you’re connected to: you’ll get a more visual representation — more than with the old profiles — of what you have in common with the people you’re connected to, using the circular comparison graphics you see here in the screenshot below.

Anyhow, back to the startups: More are on the way. One I’m in touch is an applicant tracking system that’s based on your email inbox — you can schedule interviews, for example, using Gmail and Google Calendar. It’s backed by two venture capital firms and will launch soon.


8 Comments on “What’s New: LinkedIn; Bizible; Social Recruitment Monitor

  1. Thanks, Todd. How many of these start-ups check with recruiters first to see if their ideas, products, services, etc. would be useful to us?


    Keith”Knows a Few Hundred Folks Who’d be Happy to Help ‘Em” Halperin keithsrj@sbcglobal.net

  2. I don’t know the percentage, but from talking to hundreds of them, I’d say most do talk to recruiters. Most beta-test it, or better yet have recruiters help provide input much earlier on, informally or through an advisory board. Then again, there are a few companies who seem unaware of competitors, the trade shows in the field, the publications, the needs of the audience, what has and hasn’t worked in the past, and so on. But that’s the minority, the 5-15% ish.

  3. Thanks, Todd.
    Hi Folks, have you beta-tested a product or given input into it’s design? I’ve done a beta-test or two…


  4. Yes. For example, a new startup sort of company, one we’ve written about already, is thinking of launching a new employee referral-related product, different from what they currently do, and has been asking my advice (last week and the week before).

  5. Thanks for the info. The need to recruit and the increase of marketing/recruitment tools that have appeared will only add objective marketing data on what works. The ability for companies to measure recruitment advertising is in the need for solutions. There is value at different levels of advertising positions or companies from employment brand plays to direct response marketing. Knowledge will increase effectiveness in the industry and challenge perceptions. Access to talent has never been greater and the perception is finding someone that is not part of the 74% that are and willing to explore new opportunities. Quality is filtered quantity and technology and recruiters skills to filter will win with hiring metrics that matter.

  6. @Keith – We have done a ton of customer development with small and medium sized businesses about their needs for understanding the ROI of their marketing efforts. It wasn’t until recently that we looked at the recruiting field and how they might interact with our products. As a founder of a startup mentioned above, Bizible, I would love to hop on the phone with you to learn about your process. Also, I’d like to open the invite up to any recruiters who advertise online.

    We are in beta right now for our product with can tell you the ROI of any online recruitment effort, whether it’s a PR release, adwords, blogging, job boards, social shares, etc. Email me any time at andy@bizible.com.

    @Keith – How did the beta(s) go? We’re in beta right now. Interested in joining?

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