What’s New: WhistleTalk; Workable HR; RemarkableHire; Headhuntable; Gild; Much Much More

A new employee referral tool, a new way to source IT employees, a career site for developers and engineers, a young startup working on verifying resumes, and an applicant tracking system. It’s all below.

First, out of Bangalore comes WhistleTalk. The CEO tells me the company has closed a round of seed funding, and have seven full-time employees and a few freelancers.

In short, WhistleTalk’s a way for people to earn a bonus by sharing a job opening with their friends via social media. Here’s a short video about it.

Meanwhile, out of London and Athens comes Workable HR, an applicant tracking system based more on a LinkedIn profile than a resume.

This page gives a little overview of what seems like a simple, clean, system for customizing career pages, publishing openings on social media, and asking some basic screening questions. Click the graphic at right to take a look at one screeenshot.

Workable, which has four full-time employees, has raised 100,000 Euros, or about $125,000, of seed funding from private investors, and is working on raising another $750,000.

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On to RemarkableHire, a new sourcing tool based on (ready for another buzzword?): social evidence. Candidates are ranked not based on how many keywords they repeat in a resume, but on their expertise, as shown on social media. It’s about $300-350/month, and is getting some interest from Amazon, as well as staffing firms like Kforce.

Again, a video:

RemarkableHire has two employees, is bootstrapped, and is operating out of McLean, Virgina.


  • Headhuntable launches in beta, for developers and engineers.
  • Resumator raises money.
  • Gild goes for startups.
  • Whitetruffle cut off from LinkedIn
  • myCNAjobs adds tools to track applicants
  • You heard it here first: out of Los Angeles, a site called Skillfully is being developed. Founder Lior Shamir says it is a “social pre-employment screening tool which measures the integrity of resumes. Our mission is to minimize liability of reference-giving practices, reduce time and cost of background verification, and increase quality and speed of hire.” Shamir, who I’m meeting up with tomorrow, previously was the CEO of an e-commerce site for musicians.


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  1. These companies have surely improved the whole hiring process. Do you think that most companies still miss a lot while hiring which makes their process too slow? My question is around Mobile recruiting. Given the stats 77% of the job seekers are on mobile and 94% of the fortune 500 companies do not even have a mobile optimized career site. So how are the companies going to hire the best when they know that there are thousands of applicants out there? In my opinion mobile recruiting will also play an important role making the hiring process efficient and simple.

    Please share your thoughts.

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